Grace Collective: Mahi

Sorry, this event has already passed


7.30pm - 9.30pm Wednesday 9 May 2018

Location: Crave Cafe, Kingsland

The Grace Collective is a collective of young adults from Anglican churches exploring issues of life, faith, and how these go together. We host events with insightful speakers, plenty of discussion, and the freedom for people reach their own conclusions.

Work, work, work. Whether you are studying, pouring flat whites, delving into legal documents, or whatever it may be, in young adult life we embark on all kinds of work, giving more time to it than any other stage of life before this. We can’t escape it. Money makes the world go round, and work gets us paid. For Christians, then, building a theology of work is essential because life, no matter what, involves work. What does scripture have to say in the area of work in your life?

Speakers confirmed:
Sam Bloore of the Venn Foundation.
More to be announced.