Grace Collective: Standing Together

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7:30pm - 9:30pm Wednesday 4 July 2018

Location: Crave Cafe, Kingsland

At the highest level of decision making in the Anglican church in Aotearoa and Polynesia, Anglicans acknowledge that priests hold a myriad of perspectives on the blessing of same-sex relationships, and therefore moved this year to affirm the right of Anglicans (lay and ordained) to act according to their conscience. This means that clergy unwilling to bless same-sex relationships based on their reading of scripture cannot be forced to, and clergy willing to do so based on their reading of scripture will be able to. This will cause significant changes to the life of our church in Auckland in some ways, and in many ways mean little change for a lot of churches. The underlying goal of the motion lays before us a challenge to work together in the mission of God – beyond our disagreements.

To understand what led to this decision, what the decision actually means here in Auckland, and how we as a church will move together, the Bishops of Auckland, Bishop Ross Bay and Bishop Jim White, have accepted our invitation to come and share with us how we can stand together as we move forward, united as the body of Christ.

(The Grace Collective exists to bring young adults (18-35) together from around the Diocese of Auckland to talk and share their ideas on different topics, to think deeply, and to connect over our shared identity in Christ. We like good music, good food, and good conversation. We hope to see you there).