The Grace Collective Presents: The Ballot + The Bible

7:30pm Wednesday 26 July 2017

It’s that time again … the Grace Collective Election Special!

A frank and open discussion for young adults about how the Good News of Jesus’s upside down Kingdom affects how we might vote this year.

There are a lot of opinions about how the Bible connects to the ballot box. But most of us are left asking what does the Bible say about Christians and politics? What policies would Jesus support? What does the Kingdom of God look like, and how does it clash with the kingdoms and empires and patterns of this world? Most Young adults I know are probably also why should I vote in the first place?

If you’d like to discover how the Christian faith intersects with politics, join us at the Grace Collective for a frank and open discussion about on the Kingdom of God and how it can impact our votes in September 2017.

More info to come …