Hostel of the Holy Name Youth Delegate Needed

The HHN has asked AYM to recommend to them a female trustee who would bring a youth perspective to their Trust board.  The Trust exists to support girls and women and distributes up to $300,000 over 2 funding rounds per year.  This would suit a woman between 18-30 years who enjoys making a difference and would value some experience as a Trustee.  In the past HHN has supported our Girls Retreats and the Grace Collective.

This is a great opportunity to be involved in praying for and enabling many fantastic initiatives throughout Auckland. The HHN fund focuses particularly on the following groups and initiatives:

  • Disability
  • Violence
  • Poverty
  • For the promotion for women and girls on a social policy/government level
  • Generating positive change
  • For and with women and girls on an individual and/or group level

Email karen [at] aym [dot] org [dot] nz for more information!