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Bringing Scripture Alive – Neville Bartley

Neville Bartley, National Youth Ministry Leader of Scripture Union, led a workshop at The Abbey. He suggested one of the best ways to help the words of the Bible jump off the page and seem more than just an old story is through the use of drama. You could:

1. Get your leaders to dress up ‘in costume’ and act out the passage or create a modern version of the passage and perform it.
2. Create a play based on a passage of scripture and perform it with costumes or again adapt it to a modern day scenario.
3. “On the spot acting”: invite your youth to mime the action or repeat the words after you as they act it out

After you have acted out your biblical scenario, ask your youth what you think a character should do next? And invite them to act that out.

Movies clips that illustrate a bible story or a Christian theme (e.g. forgiveness) can help young people remember and engage with scripture. Check these sites out: A Christian website; clips organised thematically Free old Christian movies, e.g. The Ten Commandments Short clips of heaps of classic and modern movies; good for illustrations if you want to link a movie to a theme for your youth group etc.