Helping our youth engage with the bible

Increasingly Christian young people of today are saying that the Bible is not on their radar. It’s not something they even consider…yet as Christians we believe that the Bible is what sustains us, and that it’s the primary way through which God chooses to communicate with his people. How can we help our young people engage with scripture and see its relevance to their lives today?

The Bible Society is producing some great resources in this area. One that I’ve come across recently is ‘True Stories’. These are short video clips introducing the story of Old Testament characters (Hannah, Gideon, Ruth and David) but in a really relevant way. You can check them out here.

And while you’re on the Bible Society website, why not check out some of the other resources they have produced to help young people engage with scripture? There’s ‘The Big Picture’ (a video that summarises the story of the Bible in less than 15 minutes) and tons of other free resources and videos that you can use to help encourage your young people read and understand the Bible.

Here at AYM we’ve just ordered a couple of copies of a book that the Bible Society in Australia has produced called ‘The Bible according to Gen Z’. It presents up to date research and three different case studies of Bible engagement methods that are working at engaging young people today. We’re looking forward to reading it! Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to borrow a copy once they arrive! The guy who wrote the book will be in Auckland presenting his research next year. We’ll keep you up to date with details on that.

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