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Resources for your youth group

Tinfoil Prayers

Give each person a square of tinfoil. Invite them to mould or shape something out of the tinfoil that is a symbol of their prayer e.g. an aspect of their life that they would like to offer to God.

Encourage them to pray silently as they create the shape. You may like to have a small cross where they can leave their shape when they have finished praying. This works well as an activity as part of a series of worship stations or prayer spaces.

Community Prayers

Collect a few community and national newspapers throughout the week and bring them along to youth group. Invite your youth to look through the papers. As them to read through and look for issues or articles that stir them up inside. Does anything they read make them feel angry? Sad? Happy?

Get them to cut out the article that they responded to the most. Then invite them to share the issue briefly with the group, and pray together about it.

For these and more great resources for your youth group, check out Resourced!.