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Our annual murder mystery night for youth groups. Come along and see if you can solve the mystery!

Diowhodunit is back with a great grabber about a golf course murder that will keep you guessing! This year Diowhodunit is in Blockhouse Bay, at the Church of the Saviour, who successfully identified the killer last year.

Diowhodunit is a murder mystery game for youth groups, where groups must interview suspects in order to find out who committed the horrible crime of... >> read more


Diowhodunit is our annual murder-mystery challenge for youth groups. This year we are in the Holy Trinity Cathedral, and it is up to your youth to figure out who did it. Interview suspects, collect clues and come up with a solution to win the coveted Diowhodunit trophy.

Wrap up warm, bring $$ for snacks, hot drinks & cold drinks are provided, and put on your thinking caps, we are counting on you to catch the killer!

Date: July 1, 7:00pm –... >> read more