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How do you transition kids into youth group? How do you transition youth into young adults ministry?

A new year is beginning. We find ourselves hoping and praying that as term one begins, the new kids will just rock on up to youth group or turn up at our small group. We hope that it will just happen.

Sorry, but it won’t.

Young people don’t just transition themselves into a new group. Why not? Because it’s scary! In fact, no matter how old we are,... >> read more

Going Further

Going Further is a growing time for young adults in the Anglican & Presbyterian tribes in NZ. It's a week in community to consider God’s loving of us and living the Jesus way as you head into the year with your life, career, studies and church.

Following the risen Jesus personally and as part of his body – the church – is the call on our lives – but it is seldom straightforward. We know there must be more, but get distracted, overwhelmed and on occasions discouraged... >> read more

The Summit

The Summit is a new event all about encouraging and equipping young adult ministries across our diocese.

Young adults are going through a major time of transition in their lives, and we have a wonderful opportunity to journey with them as they seek to make sense of their world. There are unique challenges and opportunities that come with working with young adults, and the Summit will be a chance to gather with others who share a passion for this generation: to discuss ideas, ask... >> read more