What’s happening at AYM?

The planning for our 2015 calendar has finished and our graphic designer who will be sending it to the printer late next week. So it will be in your hands before the next e-news. The first combined youth group event for the year will be our annual PASSION (an introduction to Lent) worship service on Friday February 27th at St Paul’s, Symonds St. Mark it in your calendars now! Eleanor, our Ministry Assistant is working on a more polished version of our 40 day Lent challenge which will be available online as well in print.
Staffing: Emily will be in working in a youth centre in Zambia with her husband Aaron for January and February, while their intern Gershon ‘holds the fort’ at St Margaret’s. Dion Fasi will be working again for AYM over January and will be focusing on leadership resources and training (give me a call if you’d like him to run some training for your young leaders or to help you plan your own program). Karen’s first day back from her summer holiday will be Wednesday 21 January.
E-Fest: Planning for E-Fest is well underway; our theme will be the Easter Story with an emphasis on ‘forgiveness’. We’re commissioning Dion to produce some funny video clips over the summer, if you’d like to be part of that and are into ‘superheroes’, we’d love to hear from you.